Healing Heart Synchronization

Combining the esoteric ideals of the East with the scientific fortitude of the West, this workshop will center around a heart synchronization method to help grow the mutual electromagnetic field that our hearts emanate; filling our internal and external vibrations with Peace, Love, Happiness, & Harmony.

Our Heart, the global internal synchronizing signal, is not only the mechanical pump for our physical body but the energetic source of our soul. Always in the moment, our Heart emits an electromagnetic field that spatially transcends the physical boundaries of our body. This field feels all that surrounds us and sends the information gathered to your brain in real-time. We strengthen our breath to soften our body, allowing easeful connections to occur along our natural pathways. Through this internal communication and ensuing synchronization, Prana or Qi can move smoothly and as intended in the tangible forms of breath and blood; releasing any stagnation as preventative and restorative holistic practices.

Physically, practicing Heart Synchronization can have sensational benefits. Accompanying an overall sense of wellbeing, there are strong conceptual links to the disestablishment of disease. Disease or dis-ease is an imbalance in the body, which fragments and destroys natural affinity. The two most deadly diseases in the Western World are Heart Disease & Cancer. These are both stagnation based, resulting from blockages in Prana or Qi on physical and energetic realms. By smoothing and moving the more tangible forms of life force, breath & blood, our bodies are able to enter the state of balance and ease. Synchronizing our Heart with environmental rhythms allows us to live symbiotically with nature, our Self, and as One.

Emotionally, joining together as One through a Healing Heart Synchronization can be immensely powerful. To hold hands, breathe together, and know there is no separation, no boundary between us… to this there are few words able to describe the sensation. This is unity. This is harmony. This is Love. Love being the purest form of connection, the extrapolated and esoteric description of harmonious unification; without which we cannot thrive, from which we have grown, and for which we live. We are able to establish and inspire Love through connection, with two held hands, with one beautiful breath, with our synchronized Heart. Using Love as the beautiful tool to help heal, being our soul’s source, being our body’s anchor, there is vast power within us. Let’s access our power through interconnection, via intra-connection, to dissolve differences, to unite as One.

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