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At GroundEd Holistics we believe in a dynamic and integrative approach to healing and growth. This Energy Medicine practice is formed by years of exploration through many countries and healing modalities. Disharmony in the mechanized Western medical system inspired Tuck to journey off the paved path to discover new and ancient ways of healing. He has studied directly with Acupuncturists, Chiropractors, Bio-Resonance practitioners, bodyworkers, energy healers, and shamans.

GroundEd Holisitics revolves around four core tenants:

  • Self Empowerment. You have the ability to heal yourself, we will show you your tools and teach you how to use them, providing guidance along the way.
  • Open Communication. The door stays open, the light stays on. You are always welcome to reach out and are encouraged to ask questions.
  • Affordable. Everybody has the right to feel well. We will always work with what you are able to afford and never turn anyone away.
  • Complimentary. This practice is not an either/or. We will always work with your medical professionals. If you are prescribed pharmaceuticals by a Doctor, our practice may help increase your absorption ability and lessen unwanted side effects.



About Tuck Tyrrell

Tuck is an Energy Medicine practitioner, Yoga teacher, and perpetual student. He graduated from the University of Richmond in 2014 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics, became a Certified Yoga Teacher through South Boston Yoga that same year, and was trained as a Biomagnetic Pair Therapist through the Biomagnetism Research Institute in 2016.

Tuck’s journey as a healer began by learning how to heal himself. In 2012, he suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury, which ended a rugby career and inspired the path of healing and knowing. After discovering that the Conventional Medicine approach was not addressing the complexities of his dis-ease, Tuck found growth and solace in Energy Medicine, Yoga, and Meditation.

His path has taken many turns. From student, to teacher, to practitioner, each evolution was inspired by a life changing experience. Tuck’s journey around the world has helped uncover his true purpose on this planet, “I am here to help heal.”

Once he defined his Why the How came naturally.

Tuck is fortunate to have studied with Energy Medicine masters through the Americas. Acupuncturists, chiropractors, and bodyworkers have all contributed to the dynamic practice he holds today. A foundation in Physics and daily personal practice allows an integration of intellect and intuition to form the holistic approach to healing and growth.


What You Need To Know


I believe that every body has both the right and ability to heal!

What is Energy Medicine?

Imagine the body as a Bio-Computer. There is hardware [muscles, tendons, and bones] and software [chemical processes, electrical communication, and belief systems]. Bodywork is helpful to repair blockages and imbalances in the hardware. However, when the challenges are chronic there is typically a "program" in the software that is not running correctly. Energy Medicine helps repair the body’s software.

Our nervous system and organs systems operate in complex patterns to promote balance and communication through the holistic body. When we experience a trauma, illness, or are exposed to harmful pathogens, it is common for internal communication and organization to breakdown and tangle, resulting in dis-ease.

The body wants to run well. Wellness is our natural state. With this in mind, we practice a myriad of techniques to uncover the source of discomfort and illness so that we may return to a state of ease.

What to expect during an Energy Medicine session?

If it is our first time meeting, we will always begin our session with a simple yet comprehensive evaluation of your body’s current state and needs. Neurological muscle testing and applied kinesiology are both used to determine the areas of dis-ease and imbalance that we may address. Depending on what we are working with that day, the session will go in any number of directions.

Every treatment is an invitation to relax completely on a massage table, fully clothed, and soften into your spine. I use a combination of magnets, light touch, and vibrational therapy to allow your body and mind to enter a healing state. Treatments last anywhere from twenty to ninety minutes and most people arise feeling refreshed, alive, and awake.

How may I prepare for a session?

Please wear comfortable clothing (organic cotton is ideal), be hydrated, relaxed, and ready to receive.

What can Energy Medicine help with?

In short, everything! I have had great success in helping people heal from chronic pain, concussions, neurological disorders, autoimmune diseases, inflammation, infection, trauma recovery, back pain, emotional imbalances, among much more!

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